Kuibyshev - spare capital of the Soviet Union

the City of Kuibyshev (now Samara) in the war — a transport hub and a centre of aviation. Now Samara became one of 20 contenders for the honorary title of “City of labor valor”. The most deserving will determine July 1.

“Spare the capital of the Soviet Union”, one of the centers of military industry, the largest transport hub, the city where in 1941 he held a military parade, where the whole country was rushing levitanovskoy “Moscow speaking!”.

the City is known as a center of aviation. More than 35 thousand of Il-2 did here, and another five thousand Il-10, that is, 80 percent of storm troopers, fought with the Germans. But that’s not all.

“More than four million bearings for tanks made in Kuibyshev, artillery, “Katyusha”, — says doctor of historical Sciences Alexander Reinecke. We often forget that people in the war not only shot, he had to get dressed, to shave, to wash clothes. And everything from airplanes to troughs, which were washed linen — all this was done at our enterprises”.

in Kuibyshev in case the worst scenario was to move the leadership of the country, and some actually moved. Here evacuated 22 embassies, universities, theaters, orchestras, museums, libraries. By the way, Stalin’s bunker was also in Kuibyshev.

“It’s the spare capital. Three or four days was given to make the people’s commissariats to accommodate all and to work”, — said Alexander Reinecke.

In 1940 the population of Kuibyshev was 400 thousand; by the end of the war — half as much. Moved here more than 40 companies.

Hands of ordinary Soviet people created the modern Samara is now one of the centers of high-tech production. Today are here to create space ships, airplanes, building of the court, release the engines. The city has more than 150 large enterprises. Of the most recognizable — space and rocket center "Progress” plant of a name of Tarasova, “Aviaagregat”, Aviation plant, “Start”, JSC JDC Kuznetsov.

“Our plant manufactures complex engines for strategic aircraft engines for space programs, says Natalia Aladjev, head of the Centre for the history of technology ODK-Kuznetsov. — Other enterprises — that planes and space ships “Soyuz”. So our city is worthy of the traditions that were laid during the Great Patriotic war”.

the Legendary military parade of 1941 was held in Moscow, Voronezh and Kuibyshev. According to historical sources, the biggest convoy of troops and equipment took place in spare capital. It was a politically important event which showed that the country does not intend to surrender.