Kurz for the second time became Chancellor of Austria

Federal President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen, swore in a government headed by Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz.

according to RIA Novosti, a solemn ceremony was held in the building of the Federal Chancellery.

For Kurtz this is the second government as the head of the Cabinet of the country. Previous structure ceased to exist in may 2019 after the scandal of the Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christina strache whom the media accused of corruption.

January 1, 2020, the Austrian people party (ANP) Kurtz agreed on forming a government coalition with “Green”, which is headed by Werner Kogler. In the end of the 14 Ministers in the new Cabinet 10 – representatives of ANP. Myself, Doug, took the post and became the Vice-Chancellor, and also became a Minister, officials, culture and sports.