Irving’s incredible Sport 4 has been marred by antics out of Celtics enthusiast

Irving was going back into the locker room when someone hurled a water bottle . Police surrounded a guy in a Celtics’ Kevin Garnett jersey, put him in handcuffs and led him from the stadium.

It was the most recent episode of lovers’ crazy behavior at NBA games.

“(It is ) only underlying racism, and treating people as they are at a human zoo,” the Nets superstar said.

“Throwing things at people, saying matters. There is a certain point where it has to be a lot better. You see folks just feel quite entitled out here. … As a Black guy playing in the NBA, coping with a lot of the stuff, it is rather hard. You will never know what is going to occur,” he added.

He also caused a stir last week after he expected that there will be no”subtle racism” if the series shifted back into Boston.

A TD Garden officer said Boston police arrested one man for”throwing an item ”

“Along with also the guest is subject to a life ban from TD Garden.”

The most recent episode follows three buff episodes in three NBA playoff games. The lovers in question were prohibited forever.