La definición no se detiene – Diario La Mañana

The National Golden Cup North Zone futsal tournament, which has been taking place in Formosa since Sunday, will have its quarter-final matchups today. It will be held at the Cincuentenario stadium and the San Martín club.

More emotional moments are guaranteed for this day in the continuation of the tournament that involves the best futsal teams in this part of the country, all under the organization of Fútbol de Salón Formosa and the supervision of the Argentine Confederation of this sport.

Yesterday, the first team to secure a spot among the top eight in the tournament was Provincial de Rosario, who defeated Marmolería de Corrientes 1-0, with a goal from Matías Araut.

The Rosario team advanced to the quarter-finals due to the application of article 74, section C of the CAFS Regulations against El Abuelo club from Corrientes, for not presenting a delegation at the tournament’s opening ceremony.

The Corrientes team had finished the group stage with 3 points, but following the regulations, one point was deducted from them, and Provincial qualified in their place.
Marmolería had advanced to the quarter-finals as the top team with 6 points.

Another team that progressed was Mariano Moreno from Paraná, who won a thrilling game against Los Pichones from Mar del Plata 5-4 at the San Martín club.

The match was intense and kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the last second, as the entrerrianos were losing 3-1 but managed to turn things around in time.

On the other hand, these were the results of the third and final matchday of the qualifying phase:
Group A: San Cristóbal B 2 – Mariano Moreno 5 and Vial 6 – Gymnasium 3.
Group B: Sector R 4 – Los Pichones 2 and San Vicente 1 – El Abuelo FC 4.
Group C: La Vagancia 1 – Marmolería 5 and Don Bosco 2 – Sirio Libanes 1.
Group D: Provincial 1 – Godoy Cruz 2 and Amotinados 7 – Sanagus 5.
Group E: Juventud 0 – Victoria 9 and Los Pinos 0 – Franjeados 1.
Group F: Juventud Unida 1 – Bañado Norte 1 and Plomito 3 – Aleti Lucca Pacioli 4.