Ladies first: one of the first anikwenwa the vaccine will experience girls

the Second group of 20 volunteers have begun testing a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19. The vaccine was created with the participation of the Ministry of defense of Russia, so volunteers are contract soldiers and civilians, including girls, explained the chief of Department of therapy of the National research centre (NRC) of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Svetlana Volchihin. It was noted earlier that women suffer coronavirus infection easier than men.

the First volunteer group of 18 people began testing on June 18 in the Burdenko hospital. For them the test will be completed by the end of July. Vaccination of the second group of volunteers went according to plan, said channel “Russia 24”. Before vaccination two weeks the volunteers were isolated, were obsledovaniya and screening tests.

“Volunteers regularly inspect, measure temperature, pressure, pulse. Study participants complaints and serious complications there,” — explained Svetlana Colchisine.

in the first group vaccinated in the first hours was a minimum post-vaccination reactions — low-grade fever, headache. During the day, they were independently docked.

In the Center of a name of N. F. Gamalei developed two forms of a vaccine against coronavirus. The results of their tests will be announced by August. After the test will decide about their applicability.

the Second group of volunteers First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov vaccination conducted in the Scientific-practical center of interventional Cardioangiology.

“the Response to the vaccine against coronavirus infection was standard, typical for other types of injections. Now all the participants of the study feel good. All requirements to conduct such studies we have observed, — said the chief researcher and Director of the Center for clinical studies of medicines sechenovskiy University Elena Smolyarchuk. — About the effectivehaving the vaccine will judge the developer of the drug, which after the study will conduct laboratory immunological analyses and give a full answer.”

Volunteers at the time of the vaccine trials placed in single and double rooms of the Scientific and practical center of interventional Cardioangiology. If necessary, testers can provide psychological support.

So volunteers were not stale, they organized a course of medical gymnastics. This will allow to avoid inactivity and weight gain. This movement is a method of preventing hypertension, which could increase due to a sedentary lifestyle. Also a decrease in physical activity leads to atrophy of several muscles and aggravation of diseases of the joints.