Lakhova, complained to Putin at the ice cream, likened the rainbow to the swastika

the Head of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lahova not upsetting humorous comments about her complaint to President Vladimir Putin on propaganda of sexual minorities through the image of rainbows in particular ice cream sundae. In the joke began to discuss the possibility of a ban in Russia of the rainbow as a phenomenon.

According to Lakhov, she read these comments, but the commentators own position and her own.

“I was talking about hidden advertising, indirect, which are constantly being imposed quietly by the words “rainbow”, “rainbow colors”, — she said to “Rise”.

According to her, she stands for traditional values and “against these “pink” and “blue”. Their rights are not violated — no need to engage in agitation and propaganda, Lakhova said.

to Lobby for a sexual relationship, in her opinion, “can and through ice cream”. The ratio of the Lakhov to the rainbow “is negative, and as to the swastika, which is banned”, although “many centuries ago, this fascist symbol meant prosperity and fertility”.

the company that produces ice cream “rainbow” propaganda of non-traditional values through the design of its products to deny. According to the Vice-President of group of companies “Clean line” Armen Beniaminov, rainbow in this case symbolizes the sun after the rain, not the flag of sexual minorities, their company stands for traditional family relationships and with the opinion of Catherine Lakhov there do not agree.