Lanús and the Transfer Market: Which Positions Will They Look to Strengthen?

Lanús is considering several players to reinforce their team, with the goal of competing not only in the Professional League but also in the Copa Sudamericana. This becomes even more important considering that they may face the departure of some footballers. So, which positions will Lanús look to strengthen?

First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that the team led by Ricardo Zielinski is expecting the return of two players: Lucas Besozzi and Mateo Sanabria. After their stints at Gremio and Central Córdoba, respectively, both players showed great form and will be considered for the upcoming season.

On the other hand, the coach has already informed the management about the needs for this transfer market. Firstly, the goalkeeping position is a priority due to Lucas Acosta’s departure to Sarmiento, as he was not going to get minutes. To compete with Alan Aguerre, Lanús’ main target is Nahuel Losada from Belgrano de Córdoba, although his signing seems complicated.

Another area to reinforce is the center-backs. One of the names on the radar is Carlos Izquierdoz. The defender, who was developed at Lanús and won the 2013 Sudamericana with the club, could return after his spell at Sporting Gijón in Spain, which is about to face the playoffs for promotion to LaLiga. Both parties view this return positively. However, Izquierdoz is not the only defender of interest: Kevin Lomónaco, currently playing for Tigre and also a product of Lanús, is also being considered for this transfer market.

Mateo Sanabria will return to Lanús. In recent days, the name of Fernando Zuqui from Estudiantes de La Plata has also emerged. However, the coaching staff’s interest in him will only materialize if a midfielder leaves the club. In that sense, Luciano Boggio is one of the players who could depart.

Similarly to Boggio, there are several players who could leave the club in this transfer market. One of them is Augusto Lotti, whose loan is ending and will not be renewed. Jonathan Torres is also on the list of possible departures. Felipe Peña Biafore is another player whose continuity is in doubt; he could return to River if the club decides to recall him.

Lanús finished the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana in first place with 13 points, although they were not undefeated. In the final match, they lost 1-0 to Cuiabá with an alternate team. However, they performed well by winning four games, drawing one, and losing only the last one. They secured victories both at home and away against Deportivo Garcilaso (2-1) and (0-2), and Metropolitanos (5-0) and (0-2), and drew in the first match with Cuiabá 1-1. With this performance, they directly qualified for the round of 16, where they will face the winner of the Playoff F.

Biography: Carlos Izquierdoz

Carlos Izquierdoz is a professional footballer who was born on March 4, 1989, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career at the youth academy of Lanús, where he developed as a talented defender. Izquierdoz went on to have a successful career, including winning the Copa Sudamericana in 2013 with Lanús.

After his time at Lanús, Izquierdoz played for various clubs, including Santos Laguna in Mexico and Boca Juniors in Argentina. He also had a stint at Sporting Gijón in Spain. Known for his defensive prowess and leadership on the field, Izquierdoz has earned a reputation as a solid center-back.

Off the field, Izquierdoz is known for his dedication to his craft and his professionalism. He is admired by fans for his commitment to the game and his team. Izquierdoz continues to be a key player for his clubs and the national team, showcasing his skills and experience in every match he plays.