Large reserves of underground fresh water discovered in the Crimea

Crimean scientists explored the underground fresh water reserves. This is stated on the official website of the Sevastopol state University (Sevgi).

“Scientists Sevgi and research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea of the RAS in the two years investigated two underground high temperature of the hearth, located in the Crimean mountains, where the formation pressure of underground waters, – stated in the message. Scientists have determined that the network of tectonic faults at depths of 900-1100 meters, the migration of large volumes of high-pressure underground fresh water”.

it is Reported that the temperature of the water under the ground is 80 to 85 degrees Celsius.

in addition, scientists have found water at a depth of 350-500 meters.

to Find underground water reserves managed by innovative technology – nuclear magnetic resonance “of geotomograf”, developed by the Sevastopol University.

Head of the research laboratory Sevgi, candidate of technical Sciences Nikolai Kovalev explained what is the uniqueness of these underground waters. The fact that they are formed in natural desalination plants under intensive evaporation of sea water. “Desalination plants” are at a depth of more than 2.5 tysice meters, while the formation of fresh water is continuous due to the condensation of steam regardless of natural precipitation and time of year.

“Given that the Crimea has a wide network of cross-cutting tectonic faults, possible selection of underground fresh water near the settlements, in need of water supply”, – said Kovalev.

the Only obstacle to obtaining water from the ground is the high cost of drilling wells. However, the University explained that in the Crimea there are areas where high-pressure underground fresh water flow from the lower aquifers at the top.

problems with the water supply of the Crimea began in 2014, after joining the Peninsula to the Russian Federation. Itwhen Ukraine unilaterally blocked the flow of water through the North-Crimean channel that covered about 90 percent of needs of the Crimea in the water.

Earlier, on 19 June the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov in the interview to the channel “Russia 24” said that in the Crimea remain settlements, experiencing water scarcity. He noted that there is drinking water regularly delivered there. Thus, according to him, the Republic decides the question of water supply for domestic use.

“We’ll figure it out on their own, that is, the Republic unaided, without Ukrainian water will be safely out of the situation”, – assured Aksenov.