The doctors have alerted the authorities about the dangers of the pesticide metam-sodium. The pesticide of the family of carbamates (dithiocarbamates) has the characteristic of being volatile, so present in the ambient air. In February 2018, Dr. Nicolle wrote to the Anses (the national Agency of sanitary safety of food, environment and labour) that this pesticide should only be included in the national campaign analysis of pesticides in ambient air, and its metabolites (methyl isothiocyanate and methyl isocyanate), which was not the case.

Ranked C2 R2, dangerous, as potentially carcinogenic and toxic to reproduction according to the methods of current use, it is used in vegetable crops and in particular that of the lamb’s lettuce.

The Anses, in its response in June 2018, referred to the fact that the contamination could not be that local, but without defining the importance of the areas of contamination.

The product is also soluble, and it would be better to analyze the risk of presence of residues, which has been inadequately done until now (in particular due to certain technical constraints).


The turnaround, which led to the temporary prohibition of the use of this product is so beneficial, but it should not be a illusion since the mash will be sown between September and October and that the “cleaning” of the soil is done before. This product agro-chemical disinfectant of the earth is harmful by ingestion and inhalation, may cause cancer and “harm” to the fertility. It is also considered toxic to aquatic organisms.

When will we finally all organic ? There is an urgency to the health of farmers, residents and the general population.

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