Lavrov said the

Moscow is to check the alarming rumors that the Forces of a democratic Syria released Sevrage terrorists from prison “for a price”. It promised the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on a press-conferences following the results of work of the diplomatic corps in 2019. Press conference Lavrov in a live broadcast channel “Russia 24”.

However, despite the threat of the resettlement of released thugs throughout Syria, Lavrov said that the Syrian crisis is in an advanced stage of settlement. The Russian foreign Minister noted progress in almost all directions — military-political, diplomatic, humanitarian.

Little, according to Lavrov, is lagging behind the economic recovery of Syria. This is because the Western partners and some countries in the region have put forward preconditions, which change depending on what’s going on.

“It’s not quite conducive to results,” — said Sergey Lavrov.

Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia also noted that the announced before the talks in Moscow the truce in Libya is generally observed. But in Russia we hope that the cease-fire by all parties in Libya, will be indefinite.

the Marshal of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar, and the head of the national consensus government of Libya Faiz Sarraj is not yet ready for direct talks, Lavrov stated.The relationship between them is such that they even in the same room can’t be, Lavrov explained, not to mention meet and talk with each other. He gave some advice before the Berlin conference on January 19.

Importantly, the Libyan side did not repeat their past mistakes and started to put forward additional conditions, to accuse each other, said Lavrov.

the Acting head of the Russian foreign Ministry expressed its claim to Washington. In his opinion, the United States, not issuing visas to diplomats from unwanted countries, is clearly abusing the privileges of the country where the headquarters of the United Nations.

“This is a new rule in another guise”, — said Sergey Lavrov.

Aggressive moves in the US and some Western countries on the destruction of the international legal architecture security replacement of private international law invented by the world order, stressed acting Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, the key destabilizing factor in the international arena.

Today, the world is still very much a fever, was diagnosed with the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. The causes Lavrov attributed the destruction of the Washington Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range, artificial fomenting of tension in the Persian Gulf region, tightening and zamatyvanie future extension of the Treaty on strategic offensive arms, attempts to review the basis of settlement in the middle East and increased military activity of NATO near the Russian borders.

as for the situation in Ukraine, Sergey Lavrov has urged not to leave the agreements reached at the Normandy four summit in Paris of the decision on paper, as it was under the previous Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. After a three year break, the new leadership in Kyiv failed to take steps to implement the decisions of the two previous summits, the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine.