Lawyer Carlos Ghosn did not know of the impending escape

the Lawyer of the former head of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn Junichiro Hironaka was not aware that his client prepares to escape, and was very surprised at the news. “I do not possess a large amount of information than the media,” he said during a press conference. According to him, he spoke with his client last week.

And all three passports Rut are still lawyers. “The possibility that the rut could use any of them, absolutely not”, — said Hironaka.

Ghosn, who is under house arrest, has left Japan and is now in Lebanon. He also has the nationality of France and Brazil. He stated that he had left Japan, “fleeing from political persecution,” reports RIA Novosti.

In Tokyo, Carlos Ghosn was awaiting trial on charges of tax crimes and financial fraud. Being the head of the Corporation, he, according to investigators, pay themselves as a bonus $ 80 million and did not declare them. Under house arrest he was sent in April, freeing from custody on bail of $ 4.5 million, informs “Russia 24”.