Lawyer Ephraim said about the show, hosted by relatives of the deceased driver

Almost a month since the tragedy occurred that changed the life of the actor Mikhail Efremov. Currently he is under house arrest. On Friday, July 3, will be another investigative actions, where the actor discovers some of the details of the process.

the Lawyer Efremova Elman Pashayev said that he tries to keep his client in the dark about the situation. But, according to him, the artist and so will soon know the full picture. “And then there’s his family show staged”, — said Pashayev, making reference to the relatives of the deceased driver of Sergey Zakharov. The lawyer noted that Ephraim still have to learn the painful nuances, when they study the documents from the investigator.

Elman Pashayev shared in conversation with StarHit that does not recommend his client to watch the news. Mikhail Efremov, in turn, in the time of his arrest reads books, sometimes watching TV, mostly sports channels.

the Lawyer said that the actor is suffering over the tragedy. He had aggravated a lot of illnesses. Efremov became taciturn, remains in a depressed state. Elman Pashayev trying to give the actor some words of support because he call people and Express empathy. The lawyer drew attention to the fact that Michael is still refusing medical care.

Previously, the Pasha confessed that he was amazed with the relatives of the deceased driver. “Soon the whole village will claim to be the victims”, — said the lawyer. According to him, for decades of his legal career, he first sees this struggle between relatives.