Lawyer: health deteriorating of Alexander Vinnik

the Russian Lawyer Alexander winnick Timofey Musatov said that being in a Greek prison his principal within 28 days of hunger strike lost 17 pounds, his health is deteriorating, he aggravated a disease of the blood.

Also, the lawyer said that the prison authorities tightened the regime of detention winnik. According to him, Alexander not only contains the terms that can be equated to torture, and Greece trying to hide Himself setting in conclusion, the citizen previously reported that from December 31 it was not a single prison walks.

As reported, the Russian specialist in the technology of the blockchain Alexander Vinnik in the summer of 2017, was arrested at the request of the U.S. in Greece, where he arrived on holiday with his wife and two young children, reminds RIA Novosti. The United States has accused the Russians of violating American laws and building without a license by the us authorities cryptocurrency exchanges through which, they claim, laundered billions of dollars. In the United States, Alexander winnick faces 55 years in prison.

France also accuses winnik in cybercrime. In response to the allegations, the suspect said that did not violate the laws of the United States and France, did not commit any crimes or administrative violations. In December of last year it became known that the head of the Ministry of justice of Greece Kostas Tsiaras has signed a decision to issue winnik in France, and then in the United States and Russia, which also sought his extradition, after which the Russians went on a hunger strike of protest — third over the 30 months of detention in a Greek prison without a trial or charges.