Lawyer: Russian Alexander Vinnik is in hospital in Paris

Russian Alexander winnick, was extradited from Greece to France. Currently, he is in one of the hospitals of Paris. About this media said the lawyer winnik Zoe Konstantopoulou.

January 23, winnik was taken from the hospital in Greece and was taken away in an unknown direction, reminds TV channel “Russia 24”. This happened immediately after the publication of the decision of the Supreme administrative court of Greece — the State Council to dismiss the complaint of lawyers of Vinnik for his extradition to France and the United States.

As written in Armenia in the social network Facebook, Alexander Vinnik is now in the hospital of Hotel Dieu in Paris. The Greek authorities to hide this fact and do not allow lawyers to see Winnick.

the Russian specialist Alexander Vinnik were arrested in Greece in the summer of 2017 at the request of the United States. In Greece winnick came to rest with his wife and two young children. The United States accused it of violating US law and the establishment without the license of the authorities of the stock exchange cryptocurrencies, through which allegedly laundered billions of dollars. The issuance winnik also want France and Russia, reminds RIA Novosti.

Vinnik has declared their consent to be extradited to Russia, noting that he had not broken any laws of the United States and France, as well as any administrative violations and criminal offences. 20 December 2019, it became known that issued the decision to alternate the results winnik in France, USA and Russia. In protest against violation of his rights, Alexander Vinnik has declared a hunger strike on December 20.