Lawyer: single mothers have the right to give the child

in Russia In recent years began to appear the so-called metronomy (or “Matsesta”) instead of a patronymic, which give the child single mothers. As a result, for example, Natalevich or Anovice instead Sergeyevich or Nikolaevich.

one of the online platforms even a petition asking for legislation to enable “Matsesta” in order to “achieve greater equality in family relations and the rights of women.”

In the Moscow Department of the registry office, commenting on this trend, the Agency urban news “Moscow”, recalled that the Family code of Russia is allowed only the registration of a patronymic formed from the name of the father of the child, unless otherwise provided by laws of subjects of the Russian Federation or not based on the national custom.

Attorney Maria Yarmush — specialist in civil and international law, however, noted that a lone woman has a right to give the child the so-called “katchestvo”.

she said that and I quote “Izvestia”, according to article 58 of the Family code, surname, name and patronymic of the child who is born to a mother unmarried and not having the decision about the establishment of paternity, as follows: the name of the mother’s surname, name and patronymic — at her request.

So in a manner to be valid.

the Lawyer said that the Russian Constitution guarantees equal rights for men and women, so parents can give children as a middle name, and “Matsesta”.

“the Question is only in the coherence of this aspect of the parents of a newborn,” said Yarmush, adding that the assignment of the child “Matsesta” more justified is in cases of single mothers.