Learning to live again: Xenia need complex rehabilitation

little Susie from the Crimea, due to acute autoimmune inflammatory diseases was paralyzed all over the body. Through effective rehabilitation courses, the girl was able to re-learn how to hold his head, sit and even to walk a little. However, classes cannot be interrupted. On the next course of treatment should be 630 thousand rubles — money the family doesn’t have.

Help Xenia Paskevich

Xenia was born a healthy girl developed age, rarely got sick. In August 2019, she was running a temperature. The parents went to the hospital, but the child’s condition was deteriorating by the day: stopped working right handle, neck ceased to hold his head, not enough oxygen in the blood. The baby was placed in intensive care, hooked up to a ventilator, a tracheostomy was later established. Three days later the child was fully paralyzed.

“We couldn’t believe it: yesterday our cheerful little girl ran, jumped, and today can not get out of bed,” recalls the girl’s mother.

Xenia was diagnosed with the syndrome Giyene-Barre (heavy current). It is an acute autoimmune inflammatory disease, manifested by flaccid paresis, disorders of sensitivity, vegetative disorders.

“for the First time after the disease we She got home only four months later, just before the New year. At that time my daughter has learned to hold his head, sit with support, but tired quickly,” says the mother of the child.

After the Christmas holidays the family went to rehab in NIIDI in Saint Petersburg. There She re-learned to sit, to kneel with support. But because of the weakness of the muscles, the girl got new problems: scoliosis and misalignment of the pelvis.

with the help of friends and not indifferent people child could go to rehab Three sisters in the suburbs. After the first year the trip has strengthened the muscles of the back, neck, she learned to stand, began to engage in work the right Ručka. After the third course, the girl is already freely turning in bed and can go 5 meters without support.

“We appeal for help, because Xenia needs constant rehabilitation, as Guillain-Barre syndrome requires long-term therapy, which allows you to restore lost functions to the greatest extent. We request help with paying the next course of treatment. We wish that our girl was still happily playing in the street with their peers. And we ask all not indifferent people to help our dream to come true!” — am a mother of Xenia for all benefactors.

Help Xenia Paskevich

Also to help the child by sending SMS to 7545 with any donation amount (example: 300) or 3434 room with the word “Help” and any donation amount (example: Help 300).

a Donation can be done through “Sberbank online” (in the purpose of payment must specify “Photonically fee for Xenia Paskevich”).