His home country of Monaco is still not a good place for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc (24), at least in a racing car. The world championship leader took part in the 13th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique on Sunday and crashed a historic Ferrari belonging to ex-Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda (✝ 70).

In the traditional race on the streets of the Principality, Leclerc spun in the Rascasse curve with a Ferrari 312T, slipped into the guardrail and damaged parts of the rear. In the car that was used in the mid-1970s, Lauda won his first world title in 1975. The car is estimated to be worth between $6 million and $8 million.

On Twitter, Leclerc commented on his faux pas self-ironic: “If you think you’ve had all the bad luck in the world in Monaco – and then lose the brakes in Rascasse with one of Ferrari’s most iconic historic Formula 1 cars.”

Around 200 vehicles were in action at the Grand Prix all weekend to celebrate the cars of the past years. Numerous drivers from the past started, including Roberto Moreno (63) and Michael Lyons.

With the accident, a kind of bad luck continues for Leclerc in Monaco: in three attempts at the Monaco Grand Prix, the Monegasque has not yet reached the finish line. Last year he secured pole, but was unable to start due to damage.

At the sixth World Championship race in two weeks, Leclerc gets a new chance.