Left the car and ran away: police Stuttgart lost to the

Mass protests at the weekend swept across the German Stuttgart. There the occasion was the attempt of the police to search the teen. In the end, almost twenty guards were hospitalized, and dozens were arrested. Is there a connection between the events in Germany with the riots in the US? Whose side are the authorities?

the German social network filled with videos taken by witnesses and participants in the events in Stuttgart. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, from June 20 to 21, about five hundred young hooligans, mainly of Turkish and Arab blood, smashed the center of the capital of the Federal state of Baden-württemberg. The first strike occurred due to the fact that the police tried to search 17-year-old teenager on suspicion in sale of drugs. The police admits that its local authorities, just wasn’t prepared for what would follow. Deputy chief of police of Stuttgart Thomas Berger commented in the following way:

I can tell you that nothing of the kind in Stuttgart was not. Especially the attacks on police officers just because they’re cops.

the Police threw the car and ran away. At that time, yet alone beat them in the glass, the other, ironically, demonstrated familiarity with the African-American slogans of the movement Black Lives Matter.

For several hours the area of the Schlossgarten, with its banks, shops and restaurants in the hands of the wound up crowd. Rare entrepreneur today does not count losses from broken and stolen. Watching the news from overseas, the rioters as if he wondered what it was? Here is what the witnesses:

We saw the guy in the gray sweater ran into McDonald’s, pulled out from the rack to the cashier and ran outside. There he opened the cash register, grabbed all the money and disappeared.

19 police officers were injured and detained 24 people. Millions in damages for police forces of Germany’s heavy defeat. It was much harder only a few years ago in Frankfurt-on-main, in the days of the Protestantsing against the opening of a new office of the European Central Bank. But there the police were running from a few thousand well-organized leftists and anarchists, but here it knocked over a street punks.

In Stuttgart for a debriefing arrived Minister of internal Affairs of Germany, Horst Seehofer.

— a Surge of violence in Stuttgart is a painful incident, but we must evaluate it in the framework of the General trends that are observable now in Germany. That’s why I’m here. We see more attacks and threats against members of the police and fire and rescue services.

Seehofer dissatisfied and offended by the press. The futility of his subordinates criticize. “Night of shame” — the newspaper Bild. Then came the newspaper Tageszeitung. In the article “All cops are incompetent” columnist offers his version of the employment of policemen who surrendered to the bullies Stuttgart:

— Offhand I can think of only one appropriate option: landfill. Not as scavengers, who have the keys to the building at the dump where they are really surrounded by just waste. Among similar things and they definitely will feel better.

Seehofer rashly stated that it will sue the author, but the lawyers he is likely to counsel restraint. Defeated the center of the city — not the best background to fight with reporters.

this is one of the main differences of the current situation in Germany from what happens, for example, in the United States. German media — for a strong police. They may want to comment on what is happening in the United States and to sympathize with some forms of local social life, to criticize their own government, but to provoke the practice of radical protests on the streets of German cities there are none.