Legendary master Victor Balashov - 95

His unique baritone well known to many generations of viewers. He first reported about the historic docking of the Soyuz — Apollo in space, the led “Blue light” and “Club of front friends”. Legendary announcer Victor Balashov marks 95 years, more than half a century he in the profession.

– Moscow speaking, all radio stations of the Soviet Union.

For his giant telecharger since 1947 Balashov uttered this phrase thousands of times.

I gave his life to the microphone on the radio, in the movies.

Balashov, who founded a new era of television, however, appeared on the screen later many of his colleagues, but instantly became an example for them. Soldier, hero.

“the Great Russian literary language, and Viktor was, of course, a model in this respect always. And remains such,” says the announcer of the Central television broadcaster of the USSR, people’s artist of the USSR Igor Kirillov.

Kirillov or still Balashov was the first who reported the country of Yuri Gagarin’s flight from the TV screen, is still not known. The undeniable fact, however, that Balashov behalf of Brezhnev read out a congratulation message on the occasion of the historic docking of the Soyuz — Apollo at the request of the astronauts themselves. The text came with a strange signature at the end: Leonid Brezhnev. Confusion — call of the Secretary-General no middle name not resolved.

Leonid Ilyich, here Victor Ivanovich Balashov. How to pronounce your name again? But as Balashov believes? I said from America is Henry Kissinger, no middle name. Let’s say, Leonid Brezhnev! And since then began to speak: Leonid Brezhnev.

A 61-m Balashov made the same mistake which could be fatal: reading the new composition of the Central Committee, the announcer said the wrong name. And not just wrong, and that actually it was impossible to say: instead of Shelepin, head of the KGB, called Shepilov — former Minister, the outcast, fired from all positions.

“Five people sittingt at the controls — they all rose from their workplace: I see everything! It’s a fraction of a second!” he recalled himself.

the Committee to misstep Balashova treated with understanding. Neither dismissal nor removal from the ether, or something worse followed. And Balashov continued to Shine — in the “Latest news”, the KVN – team radio vs team TV,, and “Blue lights”.

– Valya, give a glass of champagne. I still win — for the victory of our great athletes in all stadiums of the world in a new onset of 1969!

“He was the first in the Soviet Union in narration, the Department switched to this food — grass, nuts. And, remember, in Ostankino announcer’s room, I walk down the hall and see the shells from the hazelnuts. Thinking: Oh, the squirrel has already come!” — says the speaker of the Central television broadcaster of the USSR, people’s artist of the RSFSR Anna Shatilova.

an Old war wound now often reminds of itself. Balashov cheerfully, doing daily exercises. On the day of birth from abroad coming children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren was a tradition.

they Say the eyes and voice always give a person’s age. It’s not about Balashova: 95 his voice is almost unchanged.

– Health, patience, faith and love!

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”