Shortly before the end of the Brexit negotiations, to be completed this month, were 70 British business representatives in an open letter concerned about their output, The Land of standing either in front of “a blind or a destructive hard Brexit”, they wrote according to the British newspaper “Sunday Times”. Therefore, they called for a public vote on the final terms for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.

UK companies are increasingly concerned about the prospect that Britain could leave the largest trading bloc in the world without any agreements, or politicians could agree to an agreement restricting the companies ‘ access to European markets.

pressure on the Prime Minister Theresa May to exercise, has founded a group called “Business for a People’s Vote” (company for a popular vote). To belong to her, including Justin King, the former boss of supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and John Neill, the head of the supplier for the car Unipart parts.

“Bad for the working people”

Both imprudent as well as a destructive hard Brexit investments would be further reduced. Both of these options will be “bad for the economy and bad for working people,” it said, according to the “Sunday Times” in the letter. For this reason, the final decision with a popular vote of the population should be returned.

The Brexit-the Ministry of great Britain, said that it was confident to reach agreements that would work for the company and reiterated the opposition of the government against a second Referendum: “The population of the United Kingdom is already one of the largest democratic actions, this country has seen ever to come to the word, and the Prime Minister has made it clear that there will be no second Referendum,” said a spokesman.