There are a number of notable films about Formula 1. Probably the best film came out in 2013: “Rush”. It illuminates the 1970s duel between Niki Lauda and James Hunt – and is groundbreaking in terms of depth and speed. Lauda is played by German Daniel Brühl, Hunt by Australian Chris Hemsworth.

Other strong films about the horsepower heroes in the premier class of motorsport include “Senna” from 2010 about the life and work of the late legend Ayrton Senna from Brazil. The documentation is particularly convincing because it provides a look behind the facade of Formula 1.

The film “Grand Prix”, which was released in 1966, has also achieved cult status. The computer racing simulation “Grand Prix Legends” was later based on John Frankenheimer’s strip.

It is possible that the new project of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton will line up there in the future. Because the Briton is now also a film producer. These plans provide plenty to talk about in the paddock ahead of the eighth round of the Formula 1 season in Baku on Sunday.

However, Hamilton does not want to appear in front of the camera himself for his film project with Oscar winner Brad Pitt. “I don’t plan on appearing in it,” says the 37-year-old. The Mercedes driver is one of the producers for the flick, directed by Joseph Kosinski, whose film Top Gun: Maverick is a blockbuster in cinemas right now.

Superstar Pitt is said to play a Formula 1 driver. According to a report by the US magazine “Deadline”, it is said to be an experienced racing driver who is returning to the track to take a young driver under his wing.

“It’s a really cool project, I’m super excited,” Hamilton said of the film, whose title is still unclear. The record champion emphasized that his goal is to ensure diversity in front of and behind the scenes. In addition, the film should radiate “real racing spirit”.

Hamilton competes on the streets of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this weekend (Sunday, 1 p.m., in the WELT sports ticker). There Michael Schumacher gets rid of another record. From now on, Fernando Alonso is the driver with the longest period of time between his debut and his last Formula 1 race. The Spaniard contested his first Grand Prix in Australia in March 2001, 7770 days ago on Sunday. The Alpine driver surpassed Schumacher’s previous record by seven days.