Libya rejected the

Units of the national consensus government (NTC) of Libya as part of operation “Path to victory” are offensive in port city of Sirte, said the Agency “Anatolia”, with reference to the representative of the army NTC Beit al-Mala. Now Sirte is held by the Libyan national army (LNA). The Agency reminds that the attack began after the government forces took the last Bastion of the LDF in the West of Libya – the city of Tarhuna.

this week the NTC forces announced that returned control of the Metropolitan district, although the spring began operation “peace storm” to end attacks LNA. Saturday began the operation “Path to victory”. Its purpose is clear from the LDF Sirte, the airbase “Dzhufra”, Wadi Vishki, Berat, Garif.

In Libya for a long time, there are two parallel Executive body: sitting in Tripoli NTC Faiza Saraga and temporary office Abdullah Abdurrahman al-Thani, operating in the East of the country and supported the LDF.

Today, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced the so-called “Cairo initiative” in Libya. It provides a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis, the conduct of elections in the country, the withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya. The start of the “initiatives” proposed to consider a cease-fire on 8 June, 6.00 local time. However, after receiving these messages in the media the authorities in Tripoli have rejected the initiative. As has declared to TV channel “al-Dzhazira” the head of the Supreme state Council (Advisory role plays) Khaled al-Misri, “the Libyans don’t need any more initiatives.”