Libya: Sarraj urged to put pressure on their opponents

the Head of the national consensus Government (NTC) Faiz Sarraj appealed to the conference to resolve the crisis in Libya (scheduled for January 19 in Berlin), to exert pressure on the supporters of his opponent field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot.

Bloomberg reports that Sarraj appealed to the international community respond to the closure of ports in Libya for oil exports. Did the command of the Libyan national army. The East of the country are unhappy that all oil revenues go to Tripoli, and are going to pay for including the militants, the purchase of military equipment, not the development of the region, and requires supervised by the UN to establish a special account, reports TASS.

January 13 in Moscow held talks with the Haftarot with Sarraj. Following the meeting, was made the agreement on a cease-fire. PNS representatives signed the document, and the commander of the LDF no. Instead, it was resumed in southern Tripoli.

on 19 January in Berlin will host a conference on the settlement of the Libyan conflict. She invited the representatives of Russia, USA, Turkey, Egypt, EU, UN and other countries. Sarraj and Haftar said he will take part in the conference.

According to Elena Suponina, Advisor to the Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies, at the conference Europe promised Libya’s financial support. “And the leaders of the warring parties, if the case goes in the best scenario, will announce the continuation of the negotiations and say that they would support a truce, but it is possible that they will quarrel in down and ashes” — she said January 17 in the “Formula meaning” on the radio ВестиFM.

Libya ceased to be a United country after the overthrow and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Now in the country established a dual power. Tripoli monitors Fayez Sarraj, and in the East the seat of the Parliament, cooperate with the Marshal Haftarot.