Lies stripped of priority status

Garbage landfill Lies deprived of the status of priority investment project. This decision was taken on Tuesday, June 9, at the session of the government of the Arkhangelsk region, which unilaterally terminated the agreement with OOO “Technopark” of may 20, 2019, the year on support of the investment project. Thus, the project is stripped of all preferences that are accorded priority regional investment projects, including tax incentives and special conditions of land lease.

As reported the press service of the regional government, may 8 at the LLC “Technopark” was sent a letter proposing to terminate the agreement by agreement of the parties. However, OOO “Technopark” there was no reaction. As a result, under the terms of the agreement, its action is terminated by the regional government unilaterally.

At the moment on behalf of the acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Tsybulsky carried out planned work in the closure of the project.

According to local press, the aggravated confrontation between regional authorities and inhabitants of Pomerania was one of the reasons for the resignation of Governor Igor Orlov. Most likely, this position is unfounded, as the acting head of the region Alexander Tsybulsky clearly showed their attitude to the garbage dump in Cheese: “I this project is not supported and won’t support. As far as I know, since April 7, the project investor has already started the reclamation of the construction site. Yes, the pace of work is still low, but the timing of their implementation identified during the two years they must be fulfilled.”

Recall that the support of the regional government the project landfill lies in the railway station got in 2018 year. And the company “Technopark” immediately began actively working to update social infoinfrastructure Lensky district.

But three days later, on October 21, 2018 at Arkhangelsk, was the first protest rally against this decision. In February and March 2019 in the region were coordinated protest action in Arkhangelsk in the square at the Solovetsky stone on the left Bank of the Dvina. And April 7 was held inconsistent March on Troitsky prospect to Lenin square, which was visited by hundreds of people.

the demands of the protesters was to stop the construction of a landfill in Cheese, to prevent the import to Arkhangelsk oblast of wastes from other regions, to develop separate collection and recycling of municipal waste.

a year Later, after protests, 2 APR 2020 years led the region from 2012, the year Igor Orlov resigned. His decision, he did not explain, and the media was sent a press release: “I tried to do everything possible so that my native Pomerania developed for the benefit of the inhabitants of this region, our great Russian state. All today I’m already taken.”

as for the solution on the garbage landfill, the decision to approve the Arbitration court of second instance. But even after this decision enters immediately into force. Second, the decision was made about the demolition only of the buildings and not the entire project. And finally: to the problem of garbage removal from Moscow, this decision has no effect.