Life on the edge of two worlds: on the

“Russia 1” – premiere: the series “Fortress”. The main character is trying to fight back the excessive attentions of the son of the landowner, persistent friends-Swidnica and, finally, herself. Fortified with the manners and appearance of her mistress, kitty not dare to tell the beloved officer that it is not your own.

the Russian Empire. 1856. Fortress Ekaterina Verbitskaya lives on the edge of two worlds: luxury and gloss of nobility raised her as his own daughter of a noble landowner and the slavery of the peasants, to which class it belongs to by birth.

the Master’s son — the Metropolitan dandy and a deserter Gregory returned from the Crimean war, impersonating the hero and begins the hunt for Catherine — favourite, and the godmother is her mother’s daughter.

Meanwhile, between the fortress with aristocratic manners and a neighbor gentleman Alexey a really strong feeling they are going to be together, despite class barriers, condemnation of society. And then there’s the financial collapse of the family of Alex, his mother to marry for money a rich and beautiful widow.

What will turn this misalignment and what twists fate has in store? You are ready for those whose feelings are neglected?

Catherine tries to solve the mystery of his origin: why did the noble owner of the estate hates it, and his wife once undertook to raise a peasant girl as his own daughter?

Unpredictable, exciting plot. The strong cast. Outstanding camera work — composition is built and is full of historical details of each frame.