A real mystery. The 15-year-old girl has been missing in Bas-Rhin for seven and a half months. While she was walking to the station to meet her boyfriend, Tao, in Strasbourg, she never arrived at her destination.

Having left before the stroke of 11 o’clock, Lina had a 3 kilometer walk along the RD 350. A path that she knew by heart. Unfortunately, his cell phone suddenly stopped transmitting at 11:22 a.m.

Since then, the teenager has not been found. A major search system was deployed by the gendarmerie to try to find her, searches were organized, searches were carried out on several cars and suspects were taken into custody and then released. But the investigation is stalling.

On October 1, a judicial investigation for “kidnapping and sequestration not followed by voluntary release of more than seven days” was opened.

Faced with this disappearance, Lina’s loved ones remain mobilized. Her mother, Fanny Groll, created an association called Lina’s Good Stars to help advance the research and at the same time finance the lawyer’s fees. There is “a financial reality, namely lawyer fees: it costs a fortune”, recognizes Fanny Groll.

In fact, the mother did not want to open a simple pot for her daughter. “You can’t just say to people: Help me pay the lawyer,” she confides. Thanks to her association, whose office is made up of family members and friends, she hopes that her approach will be more transparent. “It’s much clearer” because “because of this, people know with certainty where their donation is going.”

This Sunday, May 12, Lina’s cousin, Louane, spoke for the first time on Sept à Huit, broadcast on TF1.

Very close, the two cousins ​​are only two years apart. Louane, 17, considered her cousin “her sister”. “She is my confidante and my best friend. We share everything together, we do everything the same. She’s a little girl, a little girl full of joy. When we see each other, we are so happy,” confides the little girl.

His last memory of Lina dates back a month and a half, during a family vacation in Tusinia. “We were together all the time,” she continues. “We talked about the future. We wondered what we would do when we were older. We imagined that we would live close to each other, that we would have horses…”. According to her, “Lina was too close to her mother to have been able to run away, even with a boyfriend.”

From September 2022, Lina would have been harassed on social networks but also verbally. Information that Louane confirms.

“I asked her to show me these messages but she didn’t want to. Well, she didn’t dare, I think. I have the impression that she wanted to resolve this on her own, without involving other people, to protect them, says her cousin, Lina tried to keep it to herself, but in the evening, she thought about it a lot, she told me when she couldn’t sleep. I asked her why it worried her so much and she told me. replied: ‘I’m afraid they really will.'”

Harassment that could be linked to his disappearance? For the moment, investigators have not yet questioned the teenager’s cousin but the investigation remains ongoing.