Liner double-hooked the runway. The first version of the plane crash in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan the passenger side fell immediately after takeoff at the airport of Alma-ATA. 12 people were killed. In hospitals there are 49. The work of the airline Bek Air has temporarily stopped. The carrier returns the traveler the money for the tickets for all flights until the new year. Flights Fokker-100 — banned.

All flights by the airline Bek Air lifted. The operation of aircraft Fokker-100 is suspended. This model was only used in the company.

In the first frame from the scene shows the plane literally broke into pieces. The keel and nose torn off, wings broken in several parts. Immediately after the fall of the liner, carrying out flight Almaty- the Kazakh, crashed into a two storey building. During takeoff the plane touched double tail bands when already retracted.

This Fokker-100, was released in 1996. The airworthiness certificate of the ship issued in may of this year. But the condition of the liner, representatives of the airline while no review can not give. History checks will study the Procurator. At the briefing, quickly organized at the airport of Alma-ATA, employees Bek Air just said: the flight is scheduled, crew before the flight was normal.

the Basic version of the crash — pilot error and a technical malfunction. To investigate all the circumstances, created a special Commission. The official statement in connection with the tragedy, the airline has already published on the website.

“on behalf of the airline Bek Air please accept our sincere condolences in connection with tragedy. At the moment we are waiting for the official information from services working at the scene. Meanwhile, we ask you not to respond to messages anonymous distribution, as they may be fraudulent. Please wait for official information”.

According to eyewitnesses, during the acceleration of the plane as if began to jump over bumps. But as the second band, where flew liner Bek Air, as stated at the briefing, meet suneating rules.

it is Known that the crashed ship belongs to a modification of the Fokker -28. The fuselage is lengthened to five and a half meters. In this regard, the plane changed the design and increased lifting force. Thus the liner is not too heavy — about 43 tons, into the sky raising his two turboprop engines. In operation the ship is not whimsical. To fly it can be prepared in 40 minutes, and the costs less than other similar models.

It is saving and trying to get the Dutch manufacturer, when they decided to build a plane for 100 persons with a range of up to three thousand one hundred kilometers.

the First Dutch Fokker aircraft company, the manufacturer released in 1986, in 1997 the production of these aircraft ceased.

a Lot of talk about the peculiarities of the airport of Alma-ATA. According to aviaexperts, in connection with the mountainous terrain it is very difficult flight approaches. To lift and land the plane, you need to know a special scheme and, of course, have the relevant experience. However, on this route the crew flew regularly. There were no problems. And weather conditions today were comfortable to fly.

Now the airport of Alma-ATA works in normal mode. But in the company Bek Air has already begun testing. Pre-trial investigation under the article on violation of safety and operation of the aircraft the beginning of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.