The live dealer games in the online casino have become the most touted aspect of future development and change in these online entertainment spaces. As internet speeds increase and the technology to live stream advances, it is now the norm for most online casinos to offer some form of live-streamed gaming. The picture must be high-quality HD and is generally streamed to a PC, mobile, or laptop.

Live roulette

There is nothing like actually watching the dealer spin and then place the ball on the roulette wheel. You will be able to choose from French, American, or European roulette and most of the big game developers and online casinos have live roulette as it is the quintessential casino game and is a great to watch as it is to play. The live games have native-speaking, interactive dealers. Most players of roulette want extensive statistics and game chat to be able to see the history of spins and wins.

Live baccarat

Live baccarat and all the variants of baccarat are fantastic live dealer games to play. As a comparing card game, it is more exhilarating watching the dealer turn their card over live. The outcomes are simple, win, draw, or dealer wins, but the drama of the turnover and the dealer interaction makes the game exciting. Most of the live dealer baccarat games also exude an opulence that is reminiscent of the baccarat capitals of the world, like Macau and the East Asian casinos. A dealer’s assistant generally shuffles cards and is thus also at the table, and it makes for a great live game to play with friends.

Live poker

Being able to engage with the dealer as well as the other players is one of the best ways to play poker, and the live dealer games make this a reality online. Sites such as  have a live poker table that you can easily access and also pay with bitcoin to play. The most popular live tables are the fast dealing three card poker with as many players as you want to play against the house.

Other live games.

There are a number of other live games in the online casinos like the daily spin and win, bingo and much much more depending on the specific casino site that you are accessing and the geographic location as some of the live games speak to local culture and country-specific gambling and casino demands from players.

One of the biggest requirements for live dealer games is the customer service that comes with it. The players won’t be able to ask the dealer to solve tech and site issues during the games and, as such, must be able to access support should there be any issues with the live stream or games. There should also be multi cameras to allow a number of different views and angles to the table and for you to be able to interact and see the players and the dealer.

Live games are indeed the future of all online casino gaming, as more gamers and players want the immersion that this brings with it.