Live like a monarch to abandon his status

one of their Spanish Majesties learned now the word “prison”? And earn more than the king’s son, who had chosen a private life?

the largest of The existing Royal palaces in Europe, the Palacio Real in Madrid. And is a magnificent Palace of the Spanish Bourbons. This ruling dynasty — one of the oldest in Europe, which still remained in power. The throne of Spain, the Bourbon is for more than 300 years. Longer — only “dwarf” Monaco and Liechtenstein.

the Palace without reservations one of the main attractions of the country, but its inhabitants, so confidently I will not tell. Contrast with the same Britain is obvious. In Madrid you will not find any portrait of the king, for example, in the store, there is no Royal Souvenirs. But the epithet “Royal” is found. Here, for example “the Pharmacy of the Queen mother”. It turned out, the connection with the Royal name is video.

“Pharmacy — the oldest in Madrid. Named in honor of Isabel de Farnesio, the second wife of king Felipe the Fifth. Under the pharmacy is a tunnel that leads directly to the Royal Palace. Now we repair it,” — said the employee of the pharmacy of Luz Marie Lopez.

As the servants and family members could obtain the medication without causing rumours about the health of the monarch. And today the name of the Royal pharmacy here wear with pride.

“the Royal family of Spain to our days — they are representatives of the will of the people in the world. And I want to say that they do an excellent job with this work. We need them,” said Mari Luz Lopez.

That is any other Royal family don’t have to. But I think in Spain, certainly not all. According to surveys, about half of the Spaniards, for a Republican form of government. Emotional just vote left.

“In fact the whole system is like a large parasite is sucking and draining the country’s resources. Every year they increase the budget to ensure this noble house” — outraged Ricardo Huerta, member of the Society of Spanish-Soviet friendship.

To fulfill their constitutional duties, the king Philip VI and his family in 2018, has received 7 million 880 thousand euros. Though members of the Royal family many honorary posts, decided to try his hand at work in the private sector Princess Christina, the youngest sister of the king, and her husband Inaki Urdangarin — the now former Duke and Duchess of Palma.

“iñaki Urdangarin formed an Association and used his position of son-in-law of the king, to enter into contracts. And because he was son-in-law of the king, the municipalities that have allocated the money, not control, exactly where its money is being spent,” said former Prosecutor Pedro Horrach.

Thus, the former handball player Urdangarin embezzled more than 6 million euros. Pedro Horrach was the Prosecutor in this case. The court sentenced the Duke of Palma to 6 years and three months in prison, which he is now serving. On the dock was herself the sister of the king, but was acquitted — only paid the penalty for that received financial benefits from the fraud of her husband.

“it is Very difficult to separate the title from the personality. Wherever the Royal family went to work, his title will affect the attitude because it’s kind of a brand,” — said Pedro Horrach.

just the fact that, despite the evasion of duties, they will still use the Royal title for their own purposes, I suspect now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Britain. Before the New year they registered the trademark Royal Sussex. However, successful examples of overlapping responsibilities and work in the Royal families too. Fast forward to the Netherlands.

King Willem-Alexander of orange dynasty except the titles has a pilot’s license. Our grandson Paul’s First real flying Dutchman, a couple times a month manages passenger aircraft Fokker regional raysah KLM. The plan is to develop and Boeing 737.

In summary, Prince Constantine — he’s the fourth in the line of succession — a list: the European Commission, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom, centre for the study of global politics. His wife Princess Laurentien – by the way, a journalist by education and works at the Agency on communications. By agreement with the media, members of the house of orange have the right to a private life, and journalists they are not disturbed by the performance of Royal duties. What is lacking in the relationship with the British tabloids, the wife of Prince Harry, Megan.

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise gave up his status of Royal Highness, stating that he wanted to make a personal career. Along with her boyfriend, an American named Durek Verrett, she organized seminars under the title “the Princess and the Shaman”. After accusations of using his title for personal gain, Martha Louise apologized.

When the financier Christopher O’neill married Swedish Princess Madeleine, he renounced the title to continue to work. Madeleine, fourth in line to the throne, though, and moved with her husband and three children in the United States continues to spend a lot of time in Sweden, performing Royal duties.

If someone from the Royal family wants to have a role in society, and society is understood and accepted, then why not.

these days in Madrid the entrance to the Royal Palace is closed to tourists. King Philippe VI receives official delegation.