Lobkov explained to the police that it was an experiment

Journalist Pavel Lobkov gave the explanation came to him a police officer for the district and its four accompanying. Lobkov said that his dual vote on amendments to the Constitution is an experiment. His goal was to show the vulnerability of the system. Pavel Lobkov voted twice — at the station and remotely via electronic voting.

the Paper ballot Paul Lobkova at the polling station annulled, reminds RIA Novosti. The urn containing them was sealed. The final voting results will be taken into account only his electronic voice.

the Police on the fact of double voting began checking, was filed about an administrative offence. For attempted intentional double voting provides for a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

the Journalist does not exclude that the court will be, but hopes that the court will take his side.

“We’ve done some serious test to the system and not set the task twice to vote. If I set the task to double-vote, I would have quietly voted and no one would have said about it,” explained Pavel Lobkov.

the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova attempts to vote twice on amendments to the Constitution called provocation. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin tasked the Russian CEC that the outcome of voting on amendments to the Constitution were absolutely true, that no one could challenge.