Loneliness Valentina Klyagina: why is the star of the Soviet cinema 10 years have not seen my son

a Student of the legendary Tatiana Lioznova actress Valentina klyagina for many years lived a recluse in his Moscow apartment. After her husband’s death in 1993, the actress, one after another happened two stroke. Abandoning all efforts to restore her health, she ceased to communicate with the outside world and retired from films.

klyagina worked with Alexander Mitta, Lion by Kulidzhanova, Evgeny Matveev, and even Svetlana Druzhinina in the cult, “Midshipmen.” Actor Vladimir Shikhov, who was a classmate of Lagonoy, recalls: “She was talented, even Tatiana Lioznova mentioned it.”

the TV channel “Russia 1” Shikhov said that the last time he saw Clarinol eight years ago.

the Actress for many years did not communicate with anyone. Her roommate Irina Bogdanova told that often sees her in the stairwell, but never could not imagine that this famous artist.

“She was always very simply dressed, standoffish,” – said Bogdanov. According to her, klyagina never asked for help, even avoided contact with people.

the Help actress had requested, but two sons abandoned her, friends turned away, and from colleagues klyagina waited only a proposal to rewrite them in the apartment. Representatives of the program “live with Andrey Malakhov” visited the artist and was shocked by the conditions in which she lives. Since their visit to the life of the actress, some things have changed: volunteers to help clear out her apartment from debris and make repairs.

what Clarinol had a conflict with his sons? Told her daughter-in-law? Is it true that the second son of the actress went missing and why the star of the Soviet cinema has not seen her granddaughter for 18 years?