Isreusable a saleswoman at a vegetable stall in the city of Ukhta, the man stole from the cash register not 3 thousand, as previously reported, and at least 10 times more. In the case of 52-year-old attacker went spontaneously, but to explain why caused more than 13 stab wounds, the 23-year-old woman, he could not.

the TFR was published record of the interrogation of the suspect, who was detained near the hotel “Timan” in the evening of 26 December, a day after chocking robbery of a trade stall on the street Oplesnina. The raider crossed the threshold of the store, looked around, took out a knife and began cutting vegetables raskladyvaya the shop. The woman screamed loudly, but to help her no one came. Raider stopped only after the victim has ceased to resist. Emptied out the register, he left the store leaving the clerk to bleed.

“Whiskers long ago shaved?” asked the operatives the suspect immediately after the arrest.

Initially, the attacker has denied his guilt and claimed that he did not know the reason for detention, but in the police station confessed to the crime. Demonstrated cruelty to explain he couldn’t. The victim is in the hospital All in serious condition, to get her to Syktyvkar not allowed weather — Board the aircraft could not rise into the air.

the Prey of the robber began 30 thousand rubles (3 thousand, as previously reported), most of them, according to the detainee, he paid the rent, the rest to spend not in time.

soon the man, who is charged with attempted murder, coupled with robbery, and the robbery made with causing of heavy harm to health, will be taken into custody.