Lothar Matthäus reacted with incomprehension to Uli Hoeneß’s criticism of him. The Honorary President of FC Bayern had accused the former Munich captain of “often exceeding the limits” in his analyzes as a Sky TV expert when he spoke about his former club.

“Yes, solidarity, but in my position as a Sky expert, that allows me to express my impressions that I take with me. I certainly didn’t go below the belt, didn’t insult any player, nothing at all. I don’t understand these sentences,” said the 1990 world champion. He doesn’t know what he said about Bayern Munich, said the German record international.

Hoeneß had attested to Matthäus being an “outstanding football expert and a very important personality at Bayern Munich over the past 20 years”. “But sometimes he forgets that he used to play for this club. When I sometimes hear his suggestions – I don’t understand that,” Hoeneß told the “Abendzeitung” in Munich.

Matthew was disappointed. “And if these sentences are played through the media again: Why doesn’t he call me himself? He’s already done that a few times,” said the 61-year-old.

It’s not the first quarrel between the two: in 2002, Hoeneß said that Matthäus “won’t even be a greenkeeper in the new stadium”. Hoeneß has now reiterated that he does not believe that Matthäus will ever assume an important position at Bayern.

The statements would not hurt him, said Matthäus. “Because I can’t find the reason why Uli Hoeneß attacked me again.” If someone says something about FC Bayern that doesn’t match Hoeneß’s point of view, then it goes “right into the personal”.

He put his ambitions of wanting to take responsibility for the record champions at “zero point zero”: “I can sign Uli here and now: I have no ambitions to take any job at FC Bayern.”