Louis Vuitton bought the second largest diamond in history

Fashion house Louis Vuitton has bought the second largest diamond in history, which intends to use to create jewelry. The weight of the precious stone is carat 1758.

the Diamond was mined in April 2019 in Botswana, reports The New York Times. Product weight is 352 grams. The stone has a dark color. Currently it is the second largest intact mineral, mined in history.

Executive Director of the fashion house Michael Burke said that the acquisition of the diamond came as a surprise to the competitors Louis Vuitton. The company believes that this fact can give it a piquancy and awaken the industry. The price of gemstone is not specified, but we know that it costs millions.

Diamond is called Sewelo. Louis Vuitton has an agreement with the canadian company Lucara Diamond Corp., as well as producer of diamonds HB Company about the production of jewelry made of the mineral. The transaction amount was not disclosed, it is only known that the canadian partner will own 50 percent of the rock. The mineral will be divided into several parts and cut them, reports “Interfax”.

the fashion house Purchased the inferior stone mined in 1905 in South Africa, the Cullinan diamond. Initially, the mineral weighed more than 3106 carats, it has split into many pieces. Two diamonds produced on its basis, decorate the British crown jewels.

In November 2019, it became known that fashion house Louis Vuitton has bought the legendary brand Tiffany for $ 16 billion.