First day

Each Thursday morning, I taught courses at the university. Students are also energetic, my professional life and love is listless, it makes me feel good to be in their contact. The caf falls into ruins, but the class is of a good standard. Beautiful friendships are being build in this group. It is refreshing, invigorating even, it reminds me of my youth.

in The middle of my presentation of the economy, my gaze crossed hers, and I bafouille, I blushed, I blocks. During these 3-4 seconds of eternity, I believe that the entire class understands that I have a crush on this girl, but not, in fact, everything is going well. My disorder is not noticed. Later, Alicia confess me that nobody would listen to my course. Alicia, this is his first name, is one of my students. She is very beautiful, but this is not an anorexic model. With his body in an hourglass, its round shapes and its fine fasteners, it has a side pin-up 1950s. Of course, I know that a teacher should not be having encounters with a student. It is a barrier to mental that I wouldn’t cross.

the end of The year, degrees are awarded : the ceremony is the opportunity to again. At the end of the evening, a glass of wine in hand, I go and I invite a small group of students to the great party that I organize the next day for my birthday. I know that it is a part. They landed in a band, and there she is, at me, radiant. I like her, but I dare not, she is too young, we have nineteen years of gap. An obstacle, which, obviously, he is not afraid : she goes out that evening with one of my friends. A story without a future, but that to me makes it accessible.

Spend the vacation, she wrote me in September for a history certification. At 11 o’clock, she landed in my office, always so pretty, and accepts my invitation to lunch. At the dinner table, she tells me about a concert where she went on the same evening, I surprisingly also planned to go there. I am…