The mask requirement that continues to apply to all passenger flights that take off or land in Germany is causing increasing problems. According to the industry, passengers are more likely to react with incomprehension because the rule has been abolished in many countries.

Since the law has not yet been amended in this country, Lufthansa is now reacting pragmatically. In an internal risk assessment, the group comes to the conclusion that enforcing the mask requirement is a greater security risk than allowing maskless passengers, reports the “Spiegel”.

There are always escalations between passengers and crews when travelers do not wear a mask, which is why the enforcement of the mask requirement should now be checked. Many foreign airlines let mask controls slip on flights to and from Germany, and Condor and Lufthansa were recently considered very disciplined on this issue.

Photos that showed Chancellor Olaf Scholz in airplanes caused astonishment in the aviation industry – there he was seen without a mask. In addition to air transport, the mask requirement also applies to trains.