Real Oviedo Set Their Sights on Promotion with Playoff Showdown Against Eibar

The Real Oviedo will be facing off against Sociedad Deportiva Eibar this Saturday in the first leg of the promotion playoff to the Spanish La Liga, with the hope of returning to a category they have not been in for over 20 years. The “azules” are eager to make a comeback to the national football elite, and fans across the country are reminiscing about the team’s glory days in the 90s.

In a recent appearance on El Larguero with Manu Carreño and Cali González, Real Oviedo coach Luis Carrión discussed the upcoming playoff match in a crucial week leading up to the showdown. Carrión expressed his focus on the immediate task at hand, stating, “I don’t care if the final is against Sporting, the primary goal is to defeat Eibar and then we’ll deal with whatever comes next. If we want to move up, we have to beat tough opponents, and Sporting and Espanyol are just that. Our aim is to advance through the first round, and then we’ll see who we face next.”

With the anticipation building up for the playoff clash, Real Oviedo is determined to give their all on the field and pursue their dream of promotion. Stay tuned as the action unfolds and the fate of the team hangs in the balance.

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As Real Oviedo gears up for their crucial playoff encounter, the team is laser-focused on the task at hand and remains determined to secure victory. The journey towards promotion is filled with challenges, but with their sights set on success, Real Oviedo is ready to fight for their place in the top-tier of Spanish football. Stay tuned for more updates on their quest for glory.