Lukashenko announced the increase of pensions and reminded of the suffering of the Belarusians

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday attended the ceremony of unveiling memorial complex in memory of the Nazis burnt villages in Mogilev region.

In his speech, Lukashenko promised to the citizens to maintain stability in a “calm and peaceful” country and to prevent the infiltration of “fascism under the banner of democracy.” The President of Belarus stressed that the idea of superiority of one race over another destroys the soul, so the Belarusians will “to educate their children on the values of peace and human life.”

a New generation, he said, will continue to keep the memory of those who “paid for the Great Victory the great price, liberated Nazi Germany conquered lands and saved the people from genocide”.

According to the President, to honor the deeds of their ancestors to withstand the modern admirers of Nazism — those who believe the traitors and collaborators heroes, the demolition of the monument to soldiers-liberators.

Next, the President of Belarus has announced an upcoming increase in pensions. “We have a little bit of money,” — said Lukashenko.

the Increase in pension payments was planned for the fourth quarter of this year, but, as Lukashenka said, to help “veterans, pensioners”. “This is not populism, not for the sake of election, I have never done this,” — said Lukashenko.