Lukashenko has appointed the heads of the defense Ministry and the General staff people of the same caliber

Alexander Lukashenko has changed the leadership of the armed forces and the General staff of the Belarusian army. The President of Belarus has appointed a new defense Minister Victor Hrenia. He was commander of the Western operational command. Received a raise and Alexander Zhirinovsky. Before to head the General staff, he was the first Deputy chief. New appointments Lukashenko explained the importance of raising the significance of troops.

“And Granin, and Wolfowitz — people of the same caliber, people are prepared. I carefully studied their biographies: they took place parallel to the same path” — quoted Lukashenko “Interfax”.

the Belarusian President confessed that he always looks meticulously, were the leaders on the ground. Lukashenko came to the conclusion that Wolfowitz and Granin know the army life firsthand. This is very important, Lukashenka stressed: they commanded a platoon and company commander experience is, and battalion.

the President of Belarus added that Granin and Wolfowitz will find mutual understanding, otherwise it can not be in the Belarusian army: if there is no understanding, and conflicting, too, the army will not.

in addition, Alexander Lukashenko admitted that the candidates for the posts of defense Minister and chief of General staff had considered for several months.

Ex-Minister of defense of Belarus Andrei Ravkov 20 January 2020 became the state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus.