Lukashevich confessed to the theft of millions of Minobra

Arrested the day before in the morning in Moscow the Deputy Minister of science and higher education of Russia Marina Lukashevich did not plead guilty to the theft of 40 million rubles. She stated this during his visit in the detention center at Petrovka members of the Moscow Public oversight Commission (POC).

According to otvetchika ONK Ivan Melnikov, visitors, the Deputy Minister, “said that have never engaged in embezzlement and his guilt does not recognize”. Lukashevich and head of programmes in the field of science and education of Russian cooperation Mikhail Popov has been detained on suspicion in plunder of 40 million roubles. The Tver court of Moscow extended their detention for 72 hours, and on Monday, July 6, will consider the petition of a consequence about arrest of officials.

According to investigators, in 2016, the head of one of commercial organizations, receiving budget money, made with the controlled entities a number of contracts for the provision of works to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation actually not going to do anything. The customer presents the results of work performed, knowingly non-compliant contracts.

approval of the work was carried out by an accomplice of the suspect, who worked in the Ministry. Thus they managed to steal 40 million rubles.

According to the source TASS in law enforcement bodies, in 2016, when did Mikhail Popov alleged fraud, he headed the Department of management programs and competitive procedures, Ministry of education and science. Lukashevich then was engaged in business and has won several tenders for work for the Ministry.

one of the contracts of work has not been performed, but the priests accepted them. According to investigators, Lukashevich and priests acted by prior agreement.

Marina Lukashevich worked in the Ministry of education in the years 1998-2014 and in July of 2018 was appointed state Secretary-Deputy Minister of science and higher education. Mikhail Popov was the head of implementation projectscomrade in the sphere of education and science of the Russian cooperation also in 2018.