Lump sum for children: the experience of the Samara region

One of the support measures during a pandemic — financial assistance to the children. According to the decree of the President everyone was able to make the payment of 10 thousand rubles for children up to 16 years. For example, in the Samara region, 95 percent who filed such statement of the payment already received. And can get again for July.

Yulia Ezhova now working, but not in the office and on remote, so spends more time with their children. She has four of them, raising them alone. Walk with the whole family in the Samara region, the benefit already allowed.

last month, the woman received an additional payment for each child for 10 thousand rubles. According to the new decree of the President of Russia the same amount the family is put and another in July, so that the regime of isolation is not deteriorated, but rather stabilized their financial situation.

“It’s a huge financial support for our children. I personally really felt, and that support is for me very useful, in time. Money sent for the purchase of clothes and shoes for the upcoming school year,” says the mother of four children.

Support for families with children in Russia began in April. Then the President approved the monthly payment in the amount of 5 thousand rubles for children up to 3 years and a one-time 10 thousand families with children from 3 to 16 years. In July, the payments will continue, but now the amount is the same for all.

Managing the branch PFR across the Samara region Anna Zaytseva explains: “the New payment in 10 thousand roubles is put all children — from birth to 16 years. The upper limit 16 years to 30 June of the current year”.

the family of Elena Abdullayeva — two children. The older boy diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The basic family budget is spent on medicines and rehabilitation. “We have not only the expense of the communal, clothing and food, as always, but also for medicines, rehabilitation, treatment. And we the money came in handy, especially in difficult times”, — says Elena.

Already received additional payments for the period from andthe April to June 95% of the families in Samara region. Money allocated half a million children. To get them in July, nothing further do not need to register, the transfer will be made automatically from the beginning of next month.