Lying on your stomach, is the salvation of Moscow doctors help to heal Dagestan

Among those who arrived to the aid to Dagestan from Moscow — pulmonologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, immunologists and cardiologists. The first thing the doctors familiar with the patient records, then discuss how to further treatment with colleagues. In Dagestan started to work the head of the Moscow hospital in Moscow, Denis Protsenko.

“Lie down, please, on my stomach. It’s your salvation,” is recommended for patients doctors.

How best to carry the disease Denis Protsenko explains patients hardly any in each ward Republican infectionsi. Here the sick were brought first, when the Republic was just beginning to take in the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Near the Dagestani colleagues, tell about the situation. Enough drugs and antibiotics, and anticoagulants. Stabilized the number of incoming patients. But too early to relax. Ambulance and medical aviation heavy patients continues to be delivered from all over the country.

“As we understand it, at the end of the season remain the most heavy patients who are in intensive care. Discussed with the Manager on duty and doctors oxygen support. Of course, the only thing that catches the eye — the lack of patient desire to be in position on the abdomen,” notes the difference between the Moscow and Dagestani patients, the head physician of city clinical hospital №40, Moscow Denis Protsenko.

Bypass patients is only the beginning. In the coming days to begin the training of intensive care specialists. Schedule, coordinated with national health Ministry and personally by the head of Dagestan. The head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev thanked the doctors for coming and help.

it is possible that he will visit a team of Kommunarka and remote areas, where the situation remains difficult. In Buynaksk, Botlikh and continue to accept patients mobile hospitals of the Ministry of defense. 50 of the 120 patients have recovered.

In Derbent, Kaspiysk and Botayurt military ahead ready to take new infectious separatmanagement.

the Entrance to each separate chamber, isolated ventilation, no common hallways.

that the pandemic in Dagestan went on the decline say local authorities and official statistics. For the first time since may 26, 2020, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection per day less than one hundred. But this is not enough to predict the timing of the exit from the crisis. Here are sure of one thing: if the weakening of the regime, planned since June 15, does impose, it is largely due to the dedication of all the doctors.