Maduro announced the head of Colombia's enemy of Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that his Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque is a national enemy, because bogotá is behind all the attempts to destabilize the situation in Venezuela.

“Of Colombia was prepared, financed and directed <...> everything is a conspiracy to destabilize Venezuela and to carry out a coup,” — said Nicolas Maduro, whose speech was broadcast on state television.

the Head of Venezuela also called on the military and militia in the States bordering Colombia, to maintain the maximum alertness and readiness reports TASS.

In late November, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Colombia in the preparation of new provocations. He claims that at the behest of the Pentagon on the border want to arrange a military conflict.

In mid-December, representatives of the Venezuelan opposition launched an attack on a military unit and stole the weapons stored there; then they were detained, and the weapon was returned. According to authorities, the attackers were trained in training camps in Colombia.