Main movies and shows of the New year - on

in Addition to the holiday table and walks New year is still high-quality TV — movies, and bright premieres. What will please the audience of the TV channel “Russia 1” and why the New year must meet with us?

it is Simply impossible to present the Comedy “the diamond arm”, not the song. But Gaidai is no “Island of bad luck” do not plan. The song brought Derbenev is very convenient, the Director immediately began to shrug: I would, but to cram nowhere. What did said, well, as they are on the boat talking, let’s better Mironov sing. As well, it still sang.

In the year of release of the pictures, in 1969, the “Diamond hand” has been watched more than 76 million people. And even more than once. The effect was stunning. This has not been shown. Bullying by some miracle went to the Embassy with it. The smugglers gold, not exemplary behavior of Soviet citizens on the screen and the most beautiful candid scene of Soviet cinema.

to Tell for a long time, however, is not necessary. “The diamond arm” — record citation. Well, that only this one phrase is: “Our people in the bakery on the taxi ride”. Remember the catchphrase of the movie stars and watch a favorite story about Semyon Semyonitch day 31 December at 16:15.

“Good girl Lida” — in this role, auditioned about three hundred Actresses, but the Embassy stopped the choice on Natalia Selezneva. Here she comes down the stairs Polytechnic Institute happy the exam is successfully passed. But let’s release the Love, because right now, she will meet with a Shura.

Originally the screenplay was called “Frivolous stories”, but while filming the story so famously spun that way, as the adventures of Shurik, called Comedy was not. By the way, actor Alexander Demyanenko Director chose for the pictures: it perfectly fit the image of the long boys with glasses who loved the whole country. Nand without the famous three rogues movie even can not imagine. Start celebrating the day 31 Dec watching Comedy at 14:20.

what will be the fate of the characters, we all know that because this is a favorite Christmas Comedy. Apartment №12 – each of us here as if it happened more than once – everything is so familiar. It would seem that to come up with new? But on 31 December of viewers waiting for a big surprise. First “Irony of fate” will be shown in widescreen format and fully restored quality. Only on TV channel “Russia 1”!

the Film is literally sparkle with new colors. Viewers will see the painting in registrovana quality of the original film scanned, and then spent color correction and digital restoration. Each frame, which we know by heart, now shall become brighter and clearer.

this year thanks to the “Mosfilm”, the State teleradiology and professionals of the VGTRK movies will sparkle with new colors: and “Girls” and “Operation “y” and “Diamond hand” viewers will be able to see in high definition, and “Gentlemen of fortune” and “Irony of fate” — for the first time and completely registrovana and restored the quality after digital processing from the film defects — a return to the original color and in widescreen format.

by the Way, the famous phrase of Hippolytus “Cushy gone” in the script was not. This is pure improvisation of the actor Yuri Yakovlev. The scene was shot not in the apartment and in the pavilion “Mosfilm”, and the warm water there really was rare.

But Lukashin really wanted to play Andrei Mironov. But Gaidai decided that for this role he’s too charming and attractive. In the film, however, the actor still appeared. On the screen of TV’s dancing with Lyudmila Gurchenko. Traditions don’t break. “The irony of fate or With light steam” look all together on the evening of 31 December at 19:30.

Not enot to be out — Odesskiy Dvorik 70 years. The sun, tasty food — that even feels like someone’s in the kitchen preparing mincemeat. Music. Where she was there and dancing. This “Odessa ship.” The first premiere of the new year. A film by Sergei Ursulyak based on the works of Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

Sergei Makovetsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Chulpan Khamatova, Marina Alexandrova, Sergei Garmash, Mikhail Zhvanetsky in the role of Michael Zhvanetsky. His debut movie. Unique Odessa humour and a kaleidoscope of fate. Stories that were born to them to tell and now show. Vital and very funny. In Zhvanetskiy. Watch the big premiere January 1 at 18:30.

And here is the hero Vladimir Mashkov himself seem to have lost count, how many children he had and gold. Action-adventure Comedy “Billion”, if holidays want sharpness. Beautiful adventure and a really twisted plot. An influential banker who lost everything the state can return money only with the help of his unrecognized children. However, before you make a Grand plan, he will have to meet them. To create a family gang to Rob his own Bank. We continue to celebrate. Watch how to get out of the “Billion”, January 1 at 22:45.

new year’s eve to break away from telemenyu will also be difficult, as well as from the gastronomic menu. The TV channel “Russia 1” will show only the brightest of the room: a magical, festive, sung by your favorite stars.

However, the fun starts before midnight. At 22:50 hold the old year together “new year parade of stars”. Here are all the dancing, singing, parody, and most importantly — favorite artists. Remember together all that was best in the past year. And at midnight the clink of glasses will begin “the Blue spark”.

new year’s eve on our channel — favorite artists, beautiful music, the best presenters.

“of Course, we all find ourselves in this story, to believe and make believe all the rest,” admitted the people’s artist of Russia Valery.

“Every time it’s something new and interesting rooms, awesome creative tandems, and all so bright, light. I have the feeling that with the “Blue light” and there comes the New year,” said people’s artist of Russia Nikolai Baskov.

“All positive, lots of fun, a lot of the songs till morning. Thanks to the “Spark” for it,” said the singer Sergey Lazarev.

“new year’s eve on the channel “Russia 1” as salad “Olivier”, like champagne, tangerines, therefore, is an integral component of the festival,” — said presenter Andrey Malakhov.

Holiday marathon on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Hurry up to join. New adventures, which begin here and now.