Male because of the despair he sells his child's drawing for 140 million rubles

the 41-year-old Vladimir Mkrtchyan was sorting out my old drawings and found among them, as he thinks, a masterpiece. The painting, entitled “the Red horse” was created at the age of six. The man kept his head and decided to put the product on a popular site for ads, putting in a modest price tag — 140 million rubles.

according to “360”, Vladimir Mkrtchyan believes this value is undervalued — for good it should sell twice as expensive. But the man is faced with despair (not explained what), because “bad bargain” with the picture. Mkrtchyan explained that bargaining is not appropriate, to reduce the cost he did not intend.

the Man said that he painted “the Red horse” at the age of six in Soviet times. In his work, the boy reflected the reality that came to the people from the TV screens, the pages of books. A work of art Mkrtchyan found among old drawings. Vladimir gave him a fresh perspective and was estimated at 140 million rubles. According to him, this picture caused a stir at all. Vladimir lovingly calls her “child” emotional palette, and the horse depicted in the painting, in his opinion, looking at the soul. “The hand of the artist the knowledge of God, so to him it was anything,” explains artistic intent Mkrtchyan.

According to the man, his picture has already found a potential buyer. He immediately asked whether the man to give a price, but Mkrtchyan remained steadfast in the ultimate cost.

Earlier, one of the most popular Russian services of announcements there was a picture for a billion dollars. Painting called “Search”. The author has offered it to global auction houses, but they refused him.