Malta soccer player punched a referee and was arrested right on the field

the Player of football club “Santa Lyons” Antoine Camilleri, acting together with partners in the second division of the championship of Malta, was in the center of the scandal. The player was sent off for two yellow cards, did not agree with the penalty and twice hit the referee in the face. Camilleri was arrested right on the football field.

the Main referee has removed a player from the field for the second warning, according to Cempionatam. Dissatisfied with the decision of the arbitrator Camilleri stayed on the field and tried to attack the referee, but interfered with other players “Sannata” and tried to get the partner into the locker room.

However, leaving the field, the remote player attacked the assistant referee twice hit a linesman in the face and after that finally left the stadium in handcuffs, accompanied by police who arrested him. Match “Lyons” with rivals from the team “Arata YUS” was never finished, as the touch judge was unable to continue to perform their duties.