The stitches, they met in the chest, back and abdomen. With life-threatening injuries, a mother of two children came on the 30th. October in a hospital. Only on Saturday she woke from her coma, she is now out of danger. You strongly suspect husband is on the run. But possibly the 35 might be sitting-Year-old long in prison, his wife would be protected, if the judicial authorities in NRW would have acted more promptly.

Because the attack on his wife, who is Haydar placed a. to load, was by no means out of Nothing. It has been announced, apparently, for months.

The couple fled about four years ago from Afghanistan to Germany, said Esma Cakir-Ceylan, the lawyer, Samira A., to FOCUS Online. In Afghanistan, Haydar A. is his wife, miss, have continued also in Germany. Around a year ago, it came to the break-up of the marriage, Samira A. have decided to separate.