Manturov: serial deliveries of MS-21 will start in 2021

At the start of the serial production of MS-21 in 2021 and calculates the Ministry of industry and trade. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” told the head of Department Denis Manturov. He is confident that the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 on schedule for production and testing of aircraft and obtain flight certificate will not be affected.

“the Perm motors” Denis Manturov said that now tested four prototypes of MS-21 (“bulk plane of the XXI century”). All ships are equipped with engines of the American company Pratt & Whitney. MS-21 has completed more than 300 of the 650 test flights required for certification of the aircraft in Russia. Earlier, the representative of the Federal air transport Agency said that in obtaining a certificate will need to execute about eight hundred of flights.

In the first place, stressed Denis Manturov, the MS-21 will be delivered to the Russian airlines. But this, according to Minister of industry and trade, does not mean that foreign markets must be forgotten. Orders from foreign customers have, but will primarily be provided by aircraft of the Russian companies and companies of countries of the EAEU and the CIS.

“we will Continue to move over the outer contour”, — said the Minister Manturov.

a firm contract for the delivery of 175 medium-haul MS-21 aircraft was signed. Among them with “Avia capital services LLC” leasing a subsidiary of the Corporation rostec – 85 aircraft, 50 of which “Aeroflot”, another 50 of the planes under control of the KLA “Ilyushin Finans Ko”. 16 aircraft from this batch will go Red Wingsю 30 MS-21 ordered “VEB-leasing”, and another 10 aircraft – the airline “Iraero”.

On the MS-21 is planned to install in addition to the American Russian engines PD-14, developed by “United engine Corporation” (UEC).

On the prototype, these engines will be installed in the near future. The engines have already been delivered to Irkutsk. It lett to begin testing in 2020. On the second prototype of PD-14 will set in early 2021, said Manturov.

With the task of installing the Russian composites on terraplan we have coped, continued Denis Manturov. According to the head of Minpromtorga in July for static tests in TSAGI is a full composite wing of Russian materials.

“I am sure that all of the options that we initially put into the design of an airplane wing, the replacement for the Russian manufacturer will be fully implemented”, — said Denis Manturov.