Many are resisting the

Timely action helped Moscow to smooth out the peak of coronavirus and made possible gradual lifting of restrictive measures. On Friday, June 26, the city hosted the first after the end of the quarantine sports festival in the Luzhniki stadium. Sergei Sobyanin’s interview with TV channel “Russia-1” told how comes alive capital.

— Sergey Semenovich, Hello! Entered into force on the third stage of the removal of restrictions in Moscow. What still remains banned?

— the Normal theatre, the cinema, and even sports facilities. Sporting events are held without spectators, while the teams are training, too, though with certain restrictions — no more than ten people on one platform. Events, festivals and large — all while abroad is allowed.

— From the 23rd of June in Moscow in normal mode earned kindergartens. Many parents breathed a sigh of relief? How do you manage to observe in these institutions the security requirements?

— we Have almost half a million kids goes to kindergarten. The numbers are small — difficult kindergartens to adapt now. Special requirements to the staff, teachers, educators, nurses. This is a mask mode, the gloves, the need to frequently disinfect all, to divide the flows, as well as a number of other requirements. This is an additional burden complex.

— You said that a week is a significant period. Since the lifting of restrictions on the work patios cafes, museums it has been more than time. What do the numbers say?

— I have to say that the situation is improving week by week. Nothing bad is happening. Psychologically it is very difficult to rebuild. First, we rebuilt when he went into the pandemic, on these limitations, the obligation to be at home. A psychologically resist it. Now, many resist otkrytot — that seems so strange and risky. This is partly true, of course. But it is necessary partly to get used to normal life, while maintaining the precautions that are prescribed by sanitary doctors.