According to the Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk, many Ukrainian refugees are turning their backs on Germany because they don’t feel welcome here. Melnyk says on “Bild” TV: “Most Ukrainians are returning, long ago. There are more people leaving this country than coming to you.”

In Germany, one should think about why so many Ukrainians “have no desire to stay here”. The ambassador says that from the Ukrainian point of view, Germany is responsible for many deaths because it has not yet delivered any heavy weapons.

Melnyk expects Chancellor Olaf Scholz to promise delivery of German tanks to Ukraine when he visits Kyiv. “Unfortunately, without German heavy weapons, we will not be able to break the massive military superiority of Russia and save the lives of soldiers and civilians.”

Melnyk’s statement caused discussion on Twitter. Commentator Frank Buschmann addressed his post directly to the ambassador: “You are currently destroying a lot. That’s sad!”

Another Twitter user replied to Buschmann that Melnyk was speaking “of many Ukrainians. Not by everyone.” But the well-known sports journalist remained firm: “Nevertheless, he makes a mistake because he keeps exaggerating and splitting things up. We can observe this up close!”